I needed a dental office years ago. Once I found this place, I knew it was for me! All my crowns were done here, and each one looks fantastic! Dr. Driver and all the staff are friendly and very caring to all customers. If you’re looking for a new or different office, please pick them!
-Monique K.

Best Dentist that I have ever been to. I have always had a very sensitive mouth and had dental fear in general, which made me put off getting my teeth worked on, but all of the staff in the office is extremely caring and made me feel very comfortable. The Doctors really care about their patients and I can proudly say that I no longer have dental anxiety. I send all of my family and friends to this office and would recommend for everybody from children getting their first cleaning, to seniors wanting full dentures. All of their work is outstanding!
-Melissa P

Best dental experience I ever had in my life.
-De’Ja O.

My family and I always have a wonderful experience each time we visit the office. The staff are always very professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable in their field. I would highly recommend Dental Care to someone looking for excellent dental care.
-Charlotte W.

I didn’t smile, never show my teeth, anything. My front tooth, here, was completely broken in half from an injury, a sports related injury. I never got it taken care of so I’d always just talk like this, with my mouth shut. Now I don’t mind smiling and talking to people. I don’t have pain anymore… I can drink anything, hot or cold and never have a problem. If they take care of me, they can take care of him. They know what they’re doing.
-Ronald H.

You know the teeth I had crowns in I had a lot of dark silver fillings from way back when. When I was a little kid I had a lot of fillings. Most of those have come out and he’s put other things in. Or did a filling on the tooth next to it so he took that out and put something else in. Now I don’t have all that dark icky metal in my mouth when I smile so it looks a lot better. He’s also straightened out the bottoms of some of my teeth. I had some very jagged edges and things. All I say is I need this straightened and he fixes it. One thing I promised myself when I quit smoking was I was going to get my teeth whitened. I accomplished that here. I wouldn’t have come to anybody else but Dr. Stiver to do that. They treat people so well that you’ve got to refer them because they’re the best around
-Megan M.

I’m scared to death of dentists. I’ve had a lot of dental work. Dr. Stiver has taken the time to walk me through some major procedures. His staff is incredible. No matter how big the procedure or how small the procedure, and the cost. If it’s like thousands of dollars or $10, they treat you the same. They talk to you, they’re truly compassionate. I’m not just telling you this. I believe it, and my whole family comes here because again I’m petrified of this place. When I leave I’m comfortable. I’ve never left the office upset. It’s just something that is worth driving. I drive an hour to get here.

We went through some financial issues that I really needed some major work done but I couldn’t do it. He did some preventive and some patchwork to get me through to the bridge finally, so we could have the money to pay for things. That was probably the greatest sense of relief. I needed it done, but there was no way I could take another debt on. He just fixed it so that I could use what was in my mouth for a while until I could get the major cost taken care of.
-Andrea G.

Best dentist my family has ever been to. They are very much into patient comfort and take an education approach instead of a lecturing one! I have been able to refer multiple friends whom are also afraid of going to the dentist and all of them reported back that they felt at comfort and ease with Dr. Stiver and his staff. This is one place you Won’t regret trying and letting them become your family dentist of choice!
-Luve D.

I saw Dr. Hurst and I appreciated his honesty. He explained things to my understanding. Everyone was so welcoming, my tears vanished quick and I felt at home.
-Lissa P

I love this office! They are very professional and very caring. They really care about you and it shows.
-Sheron R.

The team is awesome! They make a trip to the dentist feel like a friendly get together
-Nick L.

Friendly and thorough and comforting.
-Michele K.

Pleasant as always.
-Paul R.

I do not like dentists. I never have in my entire life and I had to get a crown. My dentist didn’t practice sedation dentistry and I don’t like shots or anything, so I came here based on a friend’s recommendation and totally fell in love. Had my crown done, wound up even having another one done, put me under, and it was just a smooth process. I love coming here, it’s like home. I mean the people are just fabulous, Dr. [Stiver’s 00:32] fabulous. I am so relaxed, I know there’s not going to be any pain. I have no anxiety coming here anymore.
-Patti D.

He’s one of the gentlest dentist I’ve ever had. When he’s doing something in my mouth, checking my teeth, or whatever, or drilling, you can’t tell he’s there because he’s so gentle. You want to say, “Are you there yet?” because he’s so gentle. He really is. Keeps my teeth clean, and I’m sure if you have good oral health you have good health. I still my own teeth. I’ll be seventy-nine years old and I still have my own. I’m proud of that. On a scale to one to ten, I’d give him a ten plus. It’s amazing of the people I know that also come here, that have been coming for years and didn’t know until I start bragging on him, “Well I go to him too.” He’s top. I’m very happy to be part of the clan.
-Joan B.

Really bad dental anxiety. When I first started coming, I would literally shake. Like, “Oh my God” and I’d just lose it, but then she’ll talk to me, calm me down and make sure I’m warm, put something funny on TV make sure I’m comfortable like I’m sitting at home. Then when she starts to numb my mouth, she makes sure that it’s completely numb and I can’t feel anything, which hasn’t happened in the past.

I’ve had a couple of extractions, cleanings, filings and I just recently had two root canals, which were terrifying before I got here, but it actually went smoothly and I was awake the whole time and not drugged up. It was great. You wouldn’t be able to see my teeth the way I would smile and people would try to get me to smile all the time. I’m like, “No. No.” Then when she did the root canal, when the teeth came back they were a little off colored. She put them in and she looked at it, and I was happy at the fact that she was like, “No. No, I can’t send you out of here like this.” She sent them back and a few days later, she got them back in. They were the right color and she was happy, which made me happy, so everybody was happy.

I just like the way that she handled it. She didn’t just pop them in and say, “Hmm, go.” She made sure it was correct
-Amisha H.

The waiting area is beautifully decorated. Staff are kind and friendly. Most importantly- they listen when you say something hurts!

Dr. Stiver is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been too!! He is so kind, gentle and thorough! He always remembers where I’m more sensitive and where I may need to have numbed more than other places. I used to dread going to the dentist, but when I’m there, I feel totally at ease! The facility is so beautiful and clean, and the rest of the staff is amazing as well! Especially the lovely ladies in the front who always greet you with a huge smile! I would recommend this dentistry to anyone I know!!
-Hannah R.

Love this place!! Been coming to Stiver for years and he has done most of my dental work. He is so comforting and friendly. All of the hygienists are great too!
-Amy B.

Great staff and service.
-Brianna A.

Service was great and staff is always friendly.
-Madilynn C.

I come in here with a lot work that needed to be done and we set up a plan. A lot of fillings. Like I said, I had a lot of work that needed to be done and she’s worked with me all the way through to get it done. They explain everything before they do it to very thorough explanation on what they’re going to be doing. What tools that they’re going to be using and this and that. Just to make you more comfortable in what they’re doing in your mouth.

Still got a couple more to go, but we’re right on track to where we need to be. Definitely, more confident on my smile. Eating wise, yes it all helps all the way through. Like I said, everything they’ve done here has made my life easier. Like I said, so I can smile better and not worry about people looking at me that I got bad teeth. They make sure you got good teeth and they stay with it.
-BJ S.

What they’ve helped me with are my back teeth. I had fillings put in when I was 12, and they only last so many years. He’s had to replace my fillings. Instead of losing my teeth, he’s replaced my fillings. With the x-rays, they can detect, of course, very early, but what I really appreciate about Dr. Stiver is that he says, “It’s just beginning to … You have a little cavity back there. It can wait six months. It can wait a little bit.” He doesn’t push you to, like, “We’ve got to do it now.” If it needed to be done right away, he would tell you. If you can wait, like if you financially can’t, I just appreciate that. When my fillings started to crack, he got them in time before my teeth went bad. Whenever you come in and have work done, they call you. Dr. Stiver calls you that night, not a hygienist, but he actually calls you, and he asks how you’re feeling. I appreciate that. Every time he’s had to call, I said, “I feel great.”
-Diana L.

I needed to quickly find a dentist for an emergency tooth repair. I have seen this location in Martin City so I decided to give it a try. Amy was very helpful in scheduling a quick appointment and gathering necessary demographic info. I was able to complete my paperwork ahead of time which made the check-in process a breeze. I interacted with Keisha, Alyna, and Dr. Hurst. They were all professional and easy to talk to. From the welcoming waiting room to the short tour of their office, my mind was slowly put at ease. Because of the exceptional staff, I would definitely recommend the team at DCC of South KC.
-Cassie S.

We recently moved to KC, and I found this office by looking at their reviews. The staff was so nice and pleasant. Definitely will come back!
-Kaci G.

Truly amazing. Aside from the part where the dentist took my tooth out, I really felt like I was at The Paris Ritz the entire time. The decor of the entire office was strikingly beautiful. The waiting area was homely and warm, and exceedingly comfortable. Every single person I encountered was charming and gracious, and exceptionally knowledgeable. Dr. Hurst was extremely expert, and I immediately felt relaxed and at ease in the care of himself and his colleagues. Five. Gold. Stars. Just wow.
-Benjamin A.

He tells you exactly what needs to be done and what he thinks and he listen to my input too, because I have a lot to say about a lot of things and he listen and then he’ll say, “Well, I think this or think that.” When he does, even giving me the injections, I very seldom feel nothing but the little “utch.”

Like years, I experienced very, very bad incidents with other dentists. He’s gentle, he’s not harsh on you at all. He’ll tell you in a minute, “If you think this is bothering you, let me know.”

I’ve seen him grow and they’ve always been courteous and really polite, everyone I’ve seen and patient with everyone I’ve seen him talk to. There’s a problem, they solve it and you never ever know it was there. It’s a real good atmosphere. I like the setup here.
-Robert R.

I discovered through Dr. Stiver that I am a grinder. I grind my teeth at night, and I ended up losing two teeth as a result of it not knowing that that was going on. He’s actually the one that uncovered that and got me fitted for an NTI guard. I have to come back multiple times to get my bite aligned. I think they would have seen me ten more times if needed to get that bite right because my bite is difficult. If I forget my guard or if I don’t wear it I don’t sleep as well, and so it definitely has helped that. Hopefully, I won’t lose any more teeth as a result.
-Crystal Z.

I was never a big flosser growing up and so coming every three months, it helped get my gums clean. They wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to get the pre-gingivitis in the gums. I could keep that up knowing the circumstances at home and then that’s what’s lead to making it every four to five months now. I feel a little bit more confident. I know there’s still a lot more work that needs to be done but it’s still reassuring to know that if it’s every four months, I’m getting a nice clean and then I can keep up with that on my own. Better flossing so then I know when I raise children that flossing is important so it doesn’t have to take up every three-month appointment
-Allison P.