Dental Conditions that Can Be Dental Emergencies

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Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our team are committed to ensuring you are informed on your dental health, and this includes the possibility of emergency dental care. Below are some unfortunately oral conditions that can constitute as dental emergencies:

Tooth Pain
The development of tooth pain can be the result of the following:

– A stimuli, such as food that is hot, cold or sweet: This can often be reversible by treating the cause of the tooth pain, such as loss of tooth enamel or a poor dental filling
– Severe pulp inflammation: If you have persistent and spontaneous pain, you may have some pulp inflammation. To reduce your pain, we may need to remove the pulp by performing a root canal procedure, which involves filling the tooth chamber with new material. Severely damaged tooth structure may require a dental crown. However, a severe case may require tooth extraction to keep your smile in optimal health.

Gum Swelling
There are many reasons you can experience gum swelling, and one of the most common is gingivitis. However, if you have painful swelling, it could involve some of the following:

– If you have a certain point of swelling that includes ongoing pain, we may need to perform root canal treatment, which could involve draining pus from the site. Our dentist can also prescribe antibiotics in order to reduce or prevent infection.
– An infection that has spread to surrounding tissues and causing severe swelling may cause additional complications if not treated with a service such as oral antibiotics to help bring down the swelling.
– Swelling that spreads to the head, neck and other deep areas could require the need for a hospital visitation.

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