Why Root Canal Treatment?

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Have you heard of root canal treatment? Many patients who receive this treatment report that it is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our team understand that you may not be looking forward to root canal treatment, but we highly encourage you to not delay the procedure. Root canal treatment can often preserve a badly infected tooth so that it doesn’t need to be extracted and require you to receive tooth replacement.

Postponing your treatment can result in many consequences, such as an untreated tooth infection that causes your tooth to die as the infection becomes worse. The infection could also begin to affect your other teeth and gums, causing you to develop gum disease or receive root canal treatment in multiple teeth. An oral infection can impact your body by causing complications such as inflammation heart problems and stroke.

To help you recognize recognize the need for a root canal, we encourage you to visit the dentist twice a year to receive a dental checkup so that your dentist can detect the condition. It’s not always easy for patients to identify the need for root canal treatment because there may not be obvious symptoms. However, you can look for symptoms such as:

– An ongoing pimple on your gum line that may be pus-filled
– A worsening toothache when you bite down
– Gum swelling and tenderness
– Tooth sensitivity to temperature, especially when you eat something hot or cold
– A tooth that is dark or discolored

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