Some Simple Steps to Destroy a Smile

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Neglecting Regular Dental Visits

You should be seeing the dentist at least 2x a year so that they can detect potential problems and keep up on your professional cleaning. Even if you are a consistent toothbrusher and flosser, you cannot possibly do as good a job as the hygienist does every 6 months. Plus, you get a fluoride treatment that helps to keep your teeth healthy until your next visit.

Forgetting Your Oral Hygiene

If you’re not brushing (2x per day) and flossing (1x per day) consistently every day, then you are not keeping up on your oral hygiene. Neglecting to do this allows plaque to build up, especially around the gumline. This in turn can become gingivitis, the beginnings of gum disease, and when it turns into full-blown gum disease, you can lose teeth! Don’t let that happen!

Drinking Sugary, Staining Substances and Acids

Soda, coffee, tea, red wine, energy drinks. What do these all have in common? Too much sugar, acids, and staining agents that can discolor teeth. If you like the color brown so much that you want your smile to match, drink as much of these as you can. If you won’t completely cut them out, then at least use a straw so the damaging liquid will bypass your pearlies. You can also rinse your mouth out with pure water after imbibing one of these drinks, or better yet—brush! That will also get rid of the acids and sugars that lead to decay.

Smoking and Using Tobacco Products

This is a no brainer! Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco is a surefire way to color your teeth yellow. Best lose the nasty habit and keep your pearly white teeth.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

Believe it or not, this is is a thing. OK, we’ve all probably used our teeth to rip open a pesky bag of doritos, but while that is not good, there are some people that do even worse. If you’ve ever used your teeth to open a pop top, hit the floor and give me 50 push-ups!

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